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Book 101 essentialBonsai Tips Harry Tomlinson Breaks down key information on cultivating bonsai into 101 easy-to-grasp tips and gives quick answers to all your questions.
Article Air Layering - Loose Leaf Article Watanabe Sinichi & Watanabe Keigi Layering is a reproduction technique that is frequently used in Japan for creating bonsai from relatively large trunks or branches.  The technique is not often used in Western countries, because the methods commonly practiced have a tendency to produce serious design faults  The authors of this article present a new layering method that assures good rootage and a smooth transition from the new roots to the lower part of the trunk and at the same time caused new roots to be produced from the layered trunk or branch mor rapidly.
All About Azaleas, Camelias & Rhododendrons Fred C Galle; Derek Fell

Add dramatic spring color to your garden with a minimum of care. This book helps you to select the best varieties for your climate, and includes complete instructions for planting, feeding, watering, and pruning these garden favorites. The encyclopedia describes features of over 400 varieties.   --  Includes the finest varieties with information on how to grow them.  --  Helps readers select the best plants for their site and gives hints for ways to use them.

Book Art of Bonsai David Paget Centuries ago the Chinese started creating miniature landscapes and trees.  The Japanese then started and eventually took overtook the Chinese with their mastery of the art.  The Japanese have a special place in their house, which is an alcove or "Tokonoma".  Here they display their most precious bonsai together with a scroll and an accent plant which may be a small grass or rock plant to complement the main tree.  In the western world bonsai is relatively new but becoming increasingly popular., and our skills are rapidly improving...
Book Art of Natural Bonsai: Replicating Nature's Beauty Dave Joyce  Dave Joyce has devoted his life to growing, researching, and photographing natural bonsai, and his wisdom and artistry are showcased in this full-color volume packed with advice and breathtaking images of trees maturing. Illustrated case histories offer details on the preferences and requirements of various species. Every task and technique is explained, from choosing a container and watering to wiring and pruning. Helpful tips explain using garden-center stock, starting trees from seed, collecting from the wild, or taking.....
Azalea Book, 2nd Edition Frederic P Lee

By Frederic P. Lee. Published by D. Van Nostrand Co Second Edition 1965 based on copyright. The book is divided into sections: Azalea Culture A Garden Guide, Basic Azalea Horticulture an Analysis, Historical Background, Descriptive Lists of Azaleas. Illustrated with black and white and color photos 435 pages.   Thoroughly revised and updated. A complete, authoritative handbook of azalea culture including tested methods of selection, planting and cultivation – azalea history – extensive descriptive lists of species and hybrid

Azalean Magazine Vol 33 Number 4 Winter 2011 Journal of the Azalea Society of America Various Articles
Azalean Magazine Vol 34 Number 1 Spring 2012 Journal of the Azalea Society of America Various Articles
Basic Bonsai Design David De Groot Due to popular demand, ABS has reprinted this popular book. It includes 175 illustrative drawings, and 30 photographs. This text book on the styling of bonsai is for all students from beginner to advanced. Explaining the art of bonsai is tricky, because artistic concepts are difficult to convey. This book will help you discover "how to" by understanding "why".
Book Beautiful Bonsai  Bruno Delmar Inspired by nature, and guided by man, bonsais personify the perfect tree. With an abundance of superb color photographs (many full-page) and information about cultivation, you can enjoy the bonsai's beauty and harmony: the structure and shape of its trunk, architecture of its branches, surface roots, crown of leaves, and seasonal changes. Choose your favorite style and species from the directory of broad leafs (such as the fire-red fruited quince), evergreens, tropicals, and kusa-mono..........
Beauty of Bonsai - A Guide to Displaying and Viewing Nature's Exquisite Sculpture Junsun Yamamoto Japan's delicate, miniature bonsai are instantly recognizable and enjoyed by people the world over. But true understanding of bonsai, and the ability to master the art of displaying them so that their beauty is maximized, takes dedication and time. The Beauty of Bonsai teaches readers to fully appreciate the essence and aesthetics of these amazing trees. This is not a practical, how-to gardening guide. Rather, the book concentrates on heightening our awareness of what we see and feel when we view bonsai.
Book Beginner's Guide to American Bonsai Gerald P. Stowell "For thirty years or more, the Japanese word 'bonsai' has been known in America, but its technical meaning is still generally unfamiliar to most people. The essence of bonsai lies in techniques applied to horticultural material, not in the plants themselves; however, we apply the word bonsai to the trees or shrubs trained in stylized forms and grown in special containers. Pressed for a definition, we might say that a bonsai is a three-dimensional, living art-form. Bonsai is a creative work, since ..........
Best of Bonsai in Europe 3 - The Ginko Bonsai Award 2001 Editor Frank Block This is a photo book on the bi-annual Ginkgo Bonsai Award.  It is a book full of excellent, professional photographs of high quality bonsai specimens.  If you are looking for inspiration for you own bonsai and excellent value in a beautiful book, look no further.
Best of Bonsai in Europe 4 - The Ginko Bonsai Award 2003 Editor Frank Block This is a photo book on the bi-annual Ginkgo Bonsai Award.  It is a book full of excellent, professional photographs of high quality bonsai specimens.  If you are looking for inspiration for you own bonsai and excellent value in a beautiful book, look no further.
Book Bonsai Peter Chan Bonsai is the ancient Japanese art of dwarfing and shaping trees in small containers to produce miniature versions of mature trees. A single bonsai may only be a foot tall, but looks identical to a full-grown tree in nature. Careful trimming, pruning, wiring, and other techniques are necessary to produce this appearance. Bonsai outlines the constant and proper care that will allow the bonsai to blend with it container in a natural and aesthetically pleasing manner.
Book Bonsai: A Care manual Colin Lewis Whether you are an experienced collector or a nervous newcomer, you will profit from the tutelage of Colin Lewis. He has studied the art of bonsai in Japan, and is a member of the Bonsai Kai of the Japan Society of London. Clear, authoritative text and superb step-by-step illustrations and photographs guide you through all aspects of bonsai care. Also in the Care Manual series: Roses, Cactus and Succulents, Clematis, Fuchsia, Magnolias, and Rhododendrons.
Bonsai Aesthetics - How to Improve the Aesthetic Quality of Your Trees - Vol I Francois Jeker How to improve the aesthetic quality of your bonsai trees. Bonsai Aesthetics is the first bonsai book dedicated exclusively to the major principles of Japanese aesthetics as applied to bonsai trees. It is practical and simple, yet full of ideas which will inspire and challenge your bonsai skills and understanding.
The author, Francois Jeker is an accomplished bonsai tree artist and deadwood carving master.
Bonsai Aesthetics - How to Improve the Artistic Quality of Our Bonsai - Vol II Francois Jeker Bonsai Aesthetics volume 2, how to improve the artistic quality of our bonsai trees. Volume 1 covers the main rules of Bonsai Aesthetics while volume 2 digs into what makes the difference between an ordinary bonsai and those selected for Japan's famous Kokufu-ten exhibiton. What is it about these bonsai trees that cause such intense feelings when we see them?
The author, Francois Jeker is an accomplished bonsai tree artist, author, teacher and deadwood carving master.
Bonsai & Stone Appreciation Vol 46, Number 1, 2007 Bonsai Clubs International Various articles on Bunjin Bonsai, Jaboticaba and Pitanga
Magazine Bonsai & Stone Appreciation Vol 48, Number 3, 2009 Bonsai Clubs International Abstract Beauty of Rain Flower Pebbles Author: Lu Kai Gang(Shi Quan), Bonsai and Suiseki of Indonesia, etc  
Bonsai & Stone Appreciation 2013  Q4 Bonsai Clubs International Various articles
Book Bonsai Art Marc Noelander An excerpt from John Naka's foreword: "I want to congratulate Marc on this very helpful and beautiful bonsai book... I would really like to recommend this magnificent treasure." Marc Noelanders is a very talented bonsai artist. His tree's are unique and daring. Now available in the US after a five year absence
Book Bonsai: Art of Growing and Keeping Miniature Trees     Peter Chan Bonsai is the ancient Japanese art of dwarfing and shaping trees in small containers to produce miniature versions of mature trees. A single bonsai may only be a foot tall, but looks identical to a full-grown tree in nature. Careful trimming, pruning, wiring, and other techniques are necessary to produce this appearance. Bonsai outlines the constant and proper care that will allow the bonsai to blend with it container in a natural and aesthetically pleasing manner. 
Book  Bonsai: Art of Living Sculpture Jack Douthitt Bonsai pays tribute to the artistry and design behind these fascinating miniature trees. The text compares the ancient art of bonsai to the traditional arts and focuses on the specific design elements of the bonsai--the roots, trunk, branches, foliage, and container--and discusses how bonsai artists manipulate these elements for a specific effect.  Featured are photographs from the most highly-regarded bonsai artists throughout the world. The bonsai photographed are not only the most popular pine, juniper, elm, and boxwood, but also......
Book  2
Bonsai Companion Karin Albert & Sander Helig A how to book for the care of a bonsai tree. Helps you to maintain a bonsai tree.
Book  2 Copies Bonsai: Complete guide to Art and Techniques  Paul Lesniewicz A world-famous expert shows how to grow bonsai, with tips on the practical side of growing as well as illustrations to stimulate creativity. Readers will discover which styles get the best growing results, the essentials of cultivation, and maintaining a bonsai over the years. 150 color illustrations.
Book Bonsai Culture and Care of Miniature Trees Sunset Book Beautiful photo's from Sunset books, excellent hints, tips, and advice for those interested in this specialized technique.
Bonsai Features - Bonsai: Before and After Ed Trout

The importance of documenting the stages of a tree's development, shown with specific trees from the author's collection.

Eight plants are detailed over various time periods through photographs and the authors written notes showing the progression to the finished bonsai. An interesting accounting of what we should be looking for and how we can improve our bonsai.
Book Bonsai for Indoors Brooklyn Botanical Garden Vol 32 # 2 # 81 A compilation of 23 essays on various bonsai subjects by leading American growers of Indoor bonsai.  Topics range fromn Mame bonsai, to wiring, Light Gardens, Kingsville Box, Ficus, Myrtle, Camelias and Gardenias, and Herbs and Succulents.  Has a suggested list of plants suitable for Indoor bonsai.  Worth having for Indoor bonsai fans,  Essays are short but complete.
Book Bonsai Home Handbook Harry Tomlinson The best bonsai book on the market! A complete guide to the art of bonsai, from design and choosing the tree, to pruning, wiring and propagating. It offers precise step-by-step instructions on how to work with each of the 15 classic bonsai styles.
Book Bonsai Identifier Gordon Owen The Bonsai identifier is organized into a short introduction that covers: history, the meaning of bonsai, outdoor vs. indoor; shapes and styles; sizes; bonsai material; seasonal displays; viewing position; care; pots; and a key to using the species directory.  The next one hundred pages are devoted to the Species Directory.  The information about each species is organized as follows; Description, Bonsai styles and presentation, Species and varieties, and care. There are a few entries that I have only seen in this book; these are..
Book Bonsai Illustrated Guide to an Ancient Art Patricia Hart Clifford The first section of this book is for inspiration, to give you a feeling of the spirit of nature reflected in the art that is bonsai. The second section gives you the ‘hands-in-the-dirt' instructions that will bring that spirit of nature alive for you. For information and value in our view it's unbeatable. Yes, there are some nice colour plates - but not at the expense of easily read and understood text; equally there are many first class line drawings and illustrations.
Book Bonsai in California (Vol 25) California Bonsai Society
Ed. Richart Ota and John Naka
This is an annual issue of bonsai by Members of the California Bonsai Society. This vol. 25 was published in 1997. A 100% pictorial book. Roy Nagatoshi, president, (the father) wrote the forward of these beautiful specimens by some of America's bonsai pioneers- Larry Ragle; Warren Hill;James Barrett; Melba Tucker; Ben Oki; Cheryl Manning; George Yamaguchi; Kas Murai; Harry Hirao; Ted Matson; Susanne Barrymore; Roy Nagatoshi; John Naka; Richard Ota; Frank Goya; Mas Moriguchi and more. 
Book Bonsai: Its Art, Science, History and Philosophy Deborah R. Koreshoff This book is intended to give correct and practical information on the Art of Bonsai. The horticultural and artistic aspects of Bonsai are covered in depth, and the reader is also presented with knowledge of the historical and philosophical aspects of the art.
Bonsai Journal of the American Bonsai Society
2001 V 35 N 4,2002 V 36 N 4, 2003 V 37 N 1 & 3, 2010 V 44 N 1-4, 2012 V 46 N 1-4, 2013 V 47 V 1-4
Journal of American Bonsai Society Various Articles
Bonsai Kusamono Suiseki - A Practical Guide for Organizing Displays with Plants and Stones Willi Benz

Willi Benz' important and beautiful bonsai tree book, rich in fascinating information. The choice of bonsai trees, stones and other materials is excellent, as is the quality of the photos. One of the handful of bonsai books that belongs in the hands of every serious bonsai or suiseki enthusiast.  Includes: Arrangements with bonsai, suiseki and accent plants. Choice of bonsai pots or suiseki doban. Arrangements for the seasons. Tokonoma. Bonsai displays in western style houses. Bonsai exhibitions and much much more.

Bonsai Landscapes Peter Adams  “Adams, a leading bonsai expert, gives detailed instructions on creating 13 individual landscapes.... Instructions list the components needed....There are also chapters supplying general information on tools and materials...shaping plants, creating landscapes, and making a rock planter. Any reader...will be greatly rewarded with the results. Photographs...along with helpful drawings, are included.”—Booklist.   
Book Bonsai Life Histories Martin Treasure It focuses on about 40 case histories of individual trees complete with meticulously recorded photographs of how each tree developed usually from very doubtful beginnings to their present-day glory. The author Martin Treasure is superbly talented technically but also has a unique skill in bringing out the personality of the plants so that even non-enthusiasts cannot help but be drawn into the case histories. In the book the case histories are supported by chapters on basic training..........
Bonsai Magazine Jan/Feb 1995 Volume 34 Number 1 Bonsai Clubs International The Natal Fig (Ficus Natalensis); Weeping Style Mame Bonsai (using Boston Ivy); Huangshan “The Capital of Heaven”; Creating a Miniature Landscape with Moss; The Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles)
Book Bonsai Manual for Appreciating, Judging and Buying Bonsai American Bonsai Society Ordinarily a tree is judged buy its appearance.  This observation may be justified when referring to a normal tree, but when judging bonsai we must use other standards of technical and artistic yardsticks by which to measure the worth of these botanical jewels.  This manual presents a method of grouping bonsai into categories or classifications to aid in their evaluation, describe several of the more popular styles in which a bonsai may be grown, and list some of the horticultural and bonsai training practices which should be ......
Book Bonsai Master Class Craig Cousins Join the contemporary artists around the world who are refining and developing the ancient art of bonsai. Find out about state-of-the-art tools invented by Ken Moore. See how Rob Clausen uses latex and fiberglass to create dramatic groupings of trees on a rock base. Explore the breakthrough methods of Singapore’s bonsai masters, with inspiring examples of the results. Covering both basic and advanced techniques and illustrated with step-by-step photographs taken over months,..........
Bonsai Praxis Horst Krekeler  
Book Bonsai Secrets Peter Chan In this beautifully presented book you'll find:
- Advice on the best types of bonsai to grow  - Tips and shortcuts, dos and don'ts, questions and answers  - Growing secrets, including soil, repotting and cutting roots, fertilizing, dealing with disease, and caring for your trees through the seasons  - 30 key step-by-step techniques to achieve every kind of bonsai shape, style, and group  - A wealth of information for experienced enthusiasts as well as newcomers to ..........
Book Bonsai: Special Techniques Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record Found this book very interesting and informative. As a novice, I found this book an interesting source for styling ideas and techniques. The book is written in an easy to read format and in language even the beginner can understand. All in all I found this to be a very worth while book.
Book Bonsai Techniques I John Yoshio Naka The purposes of bonsai are primarily contemplation (for the viewer) and the pleasant exercise of effort and ingenuity (for the grower).[3] By contrast with other plant cultivation practices, bonsai is not intended for production of food, for medicine, or for creating yard-size or park-size gardens or landscapes. Instead, bonsai practice focuses on long-term cultivation and shaping of one or more small trees growing in a container.
Book Bonsai Techniques II John Yoshio Naka This book was written to fill the need for more advanced knowledge among English-speaking bonsai practitioners than had been included in the author's first book. He especially wanted to expand on the relationship between nature and the concept of bonsai. Chapters include Rootage, Trunks, Branches, Apex, Styling, Collecting Techniques, Indigenous Trees in Other Countries, Trees to Study, Styling Hints from Sumi-e Paintings, Changing Wardrobes Through Inarching, Shohin.........

Bonsai Today
Issue 42 (1996-2) - Issue 52 (1997-6)  & Issue 56 (1998-4) - Issue 70 (2000-6)
Stone Lantern

Bonsai Today features how-to articles from most of the world's greatest bonsai masters. Bonsai Today also features galleries of many of the very best bonsai anywhere, as well as articles from American and other Western bonsai artists. Bonsai Today magazine is full of of the best bonsai trees and bonsai how-to & care. The foremost English language bonsai magazine. With contributions from Masahiko Kimura "the Magician" and other contemporary bonsai masters.

Bonsai Today Masters' Series - Junipers - Growing & Styling Juniper Bonsai Compiled and Edited by Wayne Schoech & the Staff of Bonsai Today This magnificent book brings together, for the first time, wisdom and experience gathered from around the globe in one comprehensive reference work. Here you can learn from the masters, from generations of experience. You can unearth secrets, gain ideas and inspiration, and learn techniques that you may never have imagined. After reading this book, you will approach your juniper bonsai with a new understanding and increased confidence. You will find more satisfaction in your work and, more important, you will gain increased joy when
Bonsai Today Masters' Series - Pines - Growing & Styling Japanese Black & White Pines Compiled and Edited by Wayne Schoech, Michael Persiano & the Staff of Bonsai Today Pine bonsai trees. The definitive how-to & care book on Black and White Pine Bonsai trees with detailed instructions by some of the world's greatest Bonsai Masters. This thorough and complete book will help you in your quest to design, style and maintain beautiful pine bonsai. Includes: needle reduction, energy balancing, styles and styling, nebari development, branch development, trunk taper, sacrifice branches, bending large branches, rock planting, transplanting, choosing the right pot, plant positioning, growing from
Book 3
Bonsai Today Pocket Bonsai Gallery Stone Lantern Publishers Ninety-nine of the best bonsai in the world. Each with its own full page. If you enjoy beauty, this book is for you. If you are a bonsai enthusiast, the masterpieces in this book will provide inspiration and increase your understanding of the art of bonsai. This will result in more confidence and enjoyment when you work on your own bonsai, and, in the end, more beautiful trees. 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" 104 pages

Bonsai with American Trees Masakuni Kawasumi Adapts the basic principles and techniques of the Japanese art of dwarfing trees to soil types, weather conditions, fertilizers, and native species found in the United States.
Book Bonsai with Japanese Maples Peter Adams With their delicate foliage, seasonal color changes, and intricate pattern of branching, Japanese maples are among the most popular and suitable plants for bonsai design. In this long-awaited book, internationally renowned expert Peter Adams discusses both the specific horticultural needs of Japanese maples as bonsai subjects and illustrates proven techniques for creating and maintaining beautiful specimens. Although aimed at an audience that has some familiarity with bonsai techniques.......
Book  2 Copies Bonsai Workshop Herb Gustafson For the beginning to intermediate bonsai enthusiast, outlining in straightforward fashion the essentials of the care, creation, and display of these lovely miniature trees...this book should be the only one you need. Featuring photographs of the author's own bonsai specimens, this book discusses the principles of growth, and provides advice on growing, pruning, tools, shaping, trimming, potting, training and wiring. The author also suggests ways of displaying bonsai in the garden, at home and.......
Book  2 Copies Botany for Bonsai Enrique Castano Understanding how trees grow and develop is essential to developing healthy beautiful bonsai trees. When you can predict, and to some extent control, your bonsai’s growth over the weeks, months and years, it is easier to plan and design superior bonsai trees. Unfortunately, many bonsai enthusiasts have little understanding of how trees survive and grow, and how to use this knowledge to their advantage. In this unique book the author provides the basics for deepening your understanding...

Boxwood Handbook - A Practical Guide to Knowing and Growing Boxwood  Lynn R. Batdorf  This 99 page color book is an absolutely wonderful handbook which is packed with very readable and accurate data-based information on all aspects of growing and using boxwoods. Various chapters cover: 1) the use of boxwoods in landscapes - lots of beautiful pictures, 2) listings of various types of boxwoods with accompanying color pictures for different temperature zones, 3)the culture of boxwoods - growing, propagation, transplanting, soil conditions, weather and climate, fertilizing, pruning, 4) boxwood pests and diseases and  
Book Buttonwood Bonsai Ed Trout A favorite subject for tropical bonsai growers, the Buttonwoood (Conocarpus erectus) lends itself wonderfully to many bonsai styles.  Natural shari and driftwood honed to fantastic finishes and dramatic shapes by Mother Nature give the bonsai artist much to choose from.  Because of its harsh environment, the salt spray and constant winds o the shoreline marshes, many collected specimens of buttonwood are ideal.  Trees fighting for survival, winning some battles with Mother Nature, but losing may also.
Chinese Art of Bonsai & Potted Landscapes Yinchun Shen, Beulah Kwok Sung and C. B. Sung Now, this rare and wonderful bonsai book is back in print. John Naka was a big fan and said that "this unique book should be on the reading list of all bonsai connoisseurs." Dr. Wu Yee Sun, famous philanthropist and avid bonsai and penjing supporter said that it "is a masterpiece of great importance in the art of bonsai and will... without a doubt... be valued for generations to come."    This book is for those of us who love and value bonsai and penjing, and who share an insatiable curiosity about the real history and meaning of these wonderful
Classic Bonsai of Japan  Translated by John Bester  Enter the fascinating world of bonsai, the centuries-old gardening art form of cultivating trees as potted plants. Refined to a high art in Japan, bonsai offers not only the familiar gardening delights but also, at its highest levels, a philosophical and aesthetic communion with nature.  Here in CLASSIC BONSAI OF JAPAN, the Nippon Bonsai Association, Japan's preeminent voice of the bonsai tradition, introduces a collection of the finest bonsai pieces to be found in Japan today-some of them presented to a Western audience for the first time.  
Classical Bonsai Art - A Half Century of Bonsai Study  William N. Valavanis  For 50 years graduate horticulturist and international bonsai educator, Wm. N. Valavanis, has studied and perfected his bonsai techniques which are clearly explained in this book. He gives guidelines for creating deciduous, narrow leaf evergreen and flowering & fruiting bonsai. Shohin bonsai are depicted and explained in detail. Using his knowledge and techniques he demonstrates through photos, the creation of 100 classic bonsai.   

The Complete Book of Bonsai  Harry Tomlinson This volume introduces the art of bonsai, the Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers. The author traces bonsai's origins and development, as well as examining its underlying principles. The types of containers are detailed, and the importance of their use for different trees or styles explained. Advice is given on placing and exhibiting your completed bonsai. The author provides information on how to create a bonsai from a seedling, cutting, or.....
Book Complete Practical Encyclopedia of Bonsai Ken Norman This book covers the history of the art, the different kinds of Bonsai, instructions on how to make your own and take care of the ones you have.  Whether you want to try to start a new hobby or gain more knowledge about it, this book is for you. There are many examples given of how-to techniques, lots of helpful photographs illustrate the proceedings for taking care and developing your Bonsai.
Creating Bonsai Landscapes - 18 Miniature Garden Projects Su Chin Ee Western home and garden design has been increasingly influenced in recent years by ancient Eastern traditions. Feng shui masters are now routinely consulted by architects and interior designers, and bonsai gardening continues to fascinate and inspire. In CREATING BONSAI LANDSCAPES, the spirit of the East is recreated in 25 stunning miniature landscapes that not only are a delight to look at but also lend a harmonizing and soothing force to any environment. Su Chin Ee works with a Chinese form of bonsai art known as penjing - which
Creating Japanese Gardens Alvin Horton & Editorial Staff of Ortho Books

You can have a garden with the sophisticated sense of design and naturalistic look of the Japanese style, using plants and materials available in North America. This book provides practical details for selecting and setting stones and plants, creating water features, and working with special accents to create a Japanese effect in your garden.  These days, people crave gardens that fill the soul and comfort the body. Japanese gardening answers those yearnings.  

Book  2 Copies Dwarfed Potted Trees Brooklyn Botanical Garden  Kan Yashiroda (Editor) A Guide to Japanese Bonsai Culture.  Twelve Japanese bonsai experts discuss the hobby in detail; a companion volume to Handbook on Bonsai for Indoors (1985). Very worthwhile reading for those interested in trying this centuries old hobby.
Book Essential Bonsai Ken Norman Essential Bonsai is packed with projects on how to grow and care for these miniature trees. Practical advice is given on how to start a bonsai from seed or cutting, as well as detailed steps showing how to prune and shape different tree types. Advice is also offered on how to care for your trees through the seasons and what tools and materials to work with. Since an essential part of the art of bonsai is display and presentation, there is expert advice on what pots and containers should be used..........
Ficus:  The Exotic Bonsai  Jerry Meislik 

Ficus is one of the most popular trees for indoor bonsai. In this book the author delves deeply into the fascinating world of Ficus and Figs and focuses on the numerous ways they can be trained to form incredible bonsai.  The beginning bonsai grower as well as the advanced hobbyist will learn valuable techniques enabling them to create and enjoy unique ficus bonsai in their homes.  "Indoor bonsai growers are indebted to Jerry Meislik for sharing his knowledge and experiences growing Ficus bonsai indoors.

Floral Treasures of Japan - The Satsuki Azaleas  Alexander Kennedy  Bred and selected for over 300 years as container-grown exhibition trees, the Satsuki azaleas hold a very special place in Japanese culture. The annual Satsuki Festivals held in late May or June of each year is high point in Japanese horticulture.  
Satsuki azaleas have long been admired and praised by Western horticulturists and writers. They have even found a place as garden plants, and in breeding programs for garden azaleas. Yet their use as show trees, is the very thing that
Florida Bonsai
Various Issues 2008 - 2013
Bonsai Societies of Florida Magazine Various Articles
Forest, Rock Planting & Ezo Spruce Bonsai Saburo Kato How to bonsai tree forests and rock plantings. A wonderful museum quality bonsai treasure by the true master of forest rock plantings. Previously available only in Japanese, this classic stands as the definitive bonsai tree book on the subject and is a noble addition to the collection of top quality bonsai books now available in the English language.
Book  2 Copies Four Seasons of Bonsai Kyuzo Murato Here is a season-by-season look at 180 remarkable bonsai presented by the official gardener to the Imperial Household of Japan. Shown in their full glory from the first spring foilage to their somber winter repose, this collection celebrates the individual colors and beauty of each season. 280 full-color photographs.
Global Bonsai and Stone Collection - Spring Issue 2007 - 1 N/A Various Articles:
MiFu Bows Before Rock
On Shanghai-Style Stone Appreciation
On Changtian
Mineral/Fossil Collection: A Growing Trend
Global Bonsai and Stone Collection - Autumn Issue 2007 - 3 N/A Various Articles:
Art Concept in Shangshi Works
Fine Works of Bonsai & Shangshi Meeting in Bali Island
Preliminary Investigation of Yunnan Yellow Wax Stone
Wonderful Shigin of Yunnan
Book Grafting, Budding, Layering & Making Cuttings Mike J. Young & T. E. Crocker Miami Dade College thought this book was good enough to be one of the texts for the horticulture class. Excellent instructions and pictures.
Book Grow Your Own Bonsai Colin Lewis and Neil Sutherland Part art, part horticulture, a properly shaped, trained, and potted bonsai becomes more beautiful with age. Covering every key technique and style, plus cultivation, maintenance, and display, these right-from-the-beginning basics go from root to leaf to bud—the entire lifecycle of a tree. In large, close-up photos, see how they grow, and how to buy and propagate them from seed or cutting. Trim, shape with wire, repot, root prune, and do summer pinching. Most spectacular are the displays..........
How to Identify Rhododendron and Azalea Problems Washington State University Extension Bulletin 1229 Full color photos and descriptive text will help you identify disease and insect symptoms on these popular landscape plants. Includes hardiness chart for Washington state, and a list of hybrids resistant to root weevils. No chemical recommendations.
Book Indoor Bonsai Brooklyn Botanical Garden If your living room, bedroom, or kitchen is your garden, this beautifully photographed guide--written by North America's foremost bonsai pioneers--will keep your miniature trees thriving. An illustrated guide to styles displays a wide range of possibilities, from slanting trees with gnarled trunks to a tiny "forest." See how to control airflow and humidity in the home and construct a sheltered growing chamber. Find out one expert's tips for success, advice on artificial light, and suggestions..........
Book Indoor Bonsai Dave Pike Indoor bonsai growing is one of the most popular areas of gardening, bringing a unique atmosphere to any living room. This book is aimed at beginners, and covers all aspects of growing, feeding, pruning, wiring, and shaping, as well as detailing over 40 varieties such as evergreen, deciduous, flowering and fruiting miniature trees, landscapes and displays, terrariums, and gift ideas. Illustrated in colour throughout, it will appeal to everyone interested in this absorbing hobby.
Book  2 Copies Introduction to Bonsai (A Course Syllabus) Thomas L Zane Everything you ever wanted to know about bonsai. Instructions. Illustrations. Glossary of terms. Space for notes. Index.
Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation - Suiseki and Is Use with Bonsai Vincent T. Covello and Yuji Yoshimura Written by two leading experts in the field of Japanese gardening and art, this concise introduction offers aesthetic guidance and direct practical advice that is a window into traditional Japanese culture. It details the essential characteristics of a high-quality suiseki, describing the various systems of stone classification in this Japanese art form and explaining how to display a suiseki to its best advantage. There is also a section on incorporating suiseki alongside a bonsai tree, the most popular and rewarding complement to peaceful suiseki miniature
Book Japanese Gardens Pavel Cihal & Romana Cihalova Doug Roth of the Journal of Japanese Gardening highly recommends this new book, which presents the widest range of gardens yet in an English language book. Most of the gardens shown have not appeared in other books. The quality of the photos isn't perfect, but the gardens are spectacular. 850 color photos 10" x 10
Japaneae Touch for Your Garden Kiyoshi Seike/Masanobu Kudo with David H. Engel Here is a concise introduction to the practical aspects of making a Japanese garden. Whether your garden is a spacious suburban lot, an office countyard, or a tiny inner-city backyard, you will find here hundreds of creative but time-honored ways to make maximum use of the space you have.   You will learn how to lay stones and pathways and how to create intriguing sand patterns like the ones in Zen temple gardens. You will learn about Japanese lanterns, miniature pagodas, water basins, gates, and walls, and will be shown step by
Keshiki Bonsai - The Easy, Modern Way to Create Miniature Landscapea Kenji Kobayashi

Traditional bonsai can be complicated, time consuming, expensive, and steeped in history and tradition. But at its most simple, it's really just planting done in a tray or container.   Keshiki bonsai is a revolutionary approach that involves creating living pieces of art using readily available plants and containers. This dazzling book features 37 stylish projects with simple, step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow. The projects start simple, with five designs that feature moss combined with unique containers. Readers then move

Book  2 Copies Living Art of Bonsai Amy Liang “With 288 color pages, Liang’s is one of the best [books on the subject]. Her book includes a breath-taking photo gallery of bonsai, basic styles, group planting, plant physiology, cultivation, propagation, transplanting and repotting, and training and dwarfing—in other words, everything the bonsai grower needs to know.”
Book Making Bonsai Landscapes - The Art of Saikei Herb L Gustafson This classic form of bonsai contains miniature trees, rocks, soil, water, and related vegetation to form replicas of gardens, deserts, and countryside. Since saikei usually features young plant material, it is the least expensive bonsai art, perfect for beginners since you can complete a project in only a matter of hours. Understand the concept of depth in a landscape and the five elements of style (harmony, consistency, balance, scale, and interest), potting and pruning, and which tools and containers work best. Hundreds of
Miniature Bonsai  Herb L Gustafson  Unlike their larger relatives, these palm-size trees can be potted, shaped, and pruned in only an hour or two, are easy to manage, and require little space. “A guide for the novice that explains the preparation, watering, weeding and seasonal care of bonsai as well as which pests and diseases may affect the plants....A list of 200 plants presents specifics.”—The Cleveland Plain Dealer.   
Book Mission of Transformation Robert Steven The follow up to “Vision of My Soul”. Another ground breaking book by one of the world's most innovative and daring bonsai artists. Robert Stevens creative insight is quite simple staggering. This book mainly looks at the complexities of styling bonsai trees and draws heavily on natural examples. An inspiring book that is absolutely unique and will lift your appreciation and understanding of bonsai to a whole new level. It is expensive but the production quality is exceptional and, once you have spent a couple of hours with this book we
Modern Bonsai,  January, 2015 Issue Edited by:  Junsun Yamamoto  
Noelanders Trophy 10 Years Stichting Kunstboek Over the last ten years, the Bonsai Association Belgium has been organising a yearly international bonsai exhibition in the Belgian town of Heusden-Zolder. Each year, all exhibited pieces were photographed by professional photographers, resulting in a wealth of archive material. On the occasion of the tenth edition of the Noelanders Trophy, 250 photographs have been selected for publication. This gallery of photographs guides you through bonsai culture in Europe. Nature has shaped these bonsai over the ages but human
Book North American Bonsai Compiled by:
Martin Schmalenberg, American Bonsai Society
This book is a record of the first exhibit of North American Bonsai Society staged by the American Bonsai Society in Saratoga Springs, New York in the spring of 2006.  All the bonsai int his volume were styled by North American artists using North American materials.  In addition to the wonderful photographs, the artists and ABS have provided the history of the bonsai and some cultural information
Book Outstanding American Bonsai Randy T. Clark This book is a collection of photographs of trees shown at the International Bonsai Symposium held in Minneapolis in 1987. There are just a little over 50 fullpage color plates. The tree is shown on the right and the facing page describes the tree; giving details about the species, it’s approximate age, size and its pot selection. Below the description of the tree is a paragraph about the artist. It tells in the artist’s words when they got started in bonsai, highlights of their involvement with a club, or study of bonsai..............
Penjing:  Worlds of Wonderment  Qingquan Zhao

A lavishly illustrated book, endorsed by six internationally recognized experts. It is likely to become a classic and will delight anyone interested in Oriental gardening, culture, and art. Penjing is the Chinese art of creating a miniature landscape in a container. Using trees, rocks, or a combination of the two, the Chinese artist seeks to express the beauty of a conceptual idea, to grant outward form to an inner vision. Penjing magically and succinctly captures the atmosphere and magnificence inherent in a natural landscape. The artist strives

Plant Propagation Made Easy - The Complete Guide to Raising Hardy, Tender and Indoor Plants Alan Toogood Drawing on his wide experience as a gardener, writer and lecturer, the author of this book explains the art of plant propagtion. Providing expert guidance and an informative list of over 1500 hardy, tender and indoor plants, this handbook is designed as cost-saving guide to propagation.
Book Post Dated - The Schooling of an Irreverent Bonsai Monk Michael Hagedorn A restless 36-year-old American travels to Japan to begin a new life as an apprentice in the traditional art of bonsai. This is the setting of Post-Dated, a chronicle of one man's erratic education far from home . . . linguistic blunders, broken branches, mischievous coworkers, eccentric clients, a strict (but hilarious) master . . . adventures that he realizes are just the beginning of a nonstop emotional roller coaster. But then again. . . there are lessons to be learned even in the most irregular of circumstances.
Practical Azalea Culture:  A Treaise on the Propagation and Cultivation of the Azalea Indica Robert J. Halliday Readers will appreciate this source of practical information on all aspects of the propagation and culture of the Azalea indica.
Rhododendrons and Azaleas Judith Berrisford The author's own garden is in North Wales, but she is familiar with Scottish and Cornish gardens and growing conditions and is fully cognizant of the findings of Dr. Henry Tod, leading authority. There are more extensive- and intensive- books on the subject, but this relatively small book covers a great deal competently. Against an historical background, natural history, cultivation and propagation, she proceeds to weigh the many facets of the genus, its varieties and their uses, the association with other plants in the garden scheme, the most
Rhododendron Species Volume IV - Azaleas  J. J. Davidian 

A complete taxonomic and historical account of the cultivated species of Rhododendron, with keys for identification of the series and species. Its scope and thoroughness, the fruit of more than 40 years' research at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, are incomparable.      The 104 species of azaleas are here classified into five subseries, with keys. The full-size line drawings aid identification; the color photographs show azaleas in their native habitats and in cultivation.

Book  2 Copies Saikei and Art Lew Butler Lew has created a unique book, one any beginning or advanced enthusiast can use as a guide in making plantings that reflect an almost timeless sense of place. Mountain meadows, desert outcroppings, jungles, deciduous forests--no matter where you live, or where your heart resides, with this book and a little patience, you can enjoy building wonderful natural landscapes. 11" x 9" 100+ Photos
Sakuteiki - Visions of the Japanese Garden Jiro Takei Y Marc P Keane The Sakuteiki, or "Records of Garden Making," was written nearly one thousand years ago. It is the oldest existing text on Japanese gardening—or any kind of gardening—in the world. In this edition of the Sakuteiki the authors provide an English-language translation of this classic work and an introduction to the cultural and historical context that led to the development of Japanese gardening. Central to this explanation is an understanding of the sacred importance of stones in Japanese culture and Japanese garden design.
Book Satsuki Azaleas for Bonsai and Azalea Enthusiasts Robert Z. Callahan Bob Callahan provides us with something never before seen in English; a complete celebration of satsuki, rich with photographs, how-to instructions, fascinating facts, and an unrivaled encyclopedia of over 1,600 cultivars (this alone is worth the book's price). All of this adds up to a rare treasure indeed.  Nearly every page of this comprehensive book is packed with dramatic color photos.
Book Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens - Design Principles and Aesthetic Values David A Slawson Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens explains the fundamental principles of this tradition and describes how those principles may be applied to a much wider range of environments than exists in Japan. In the first section the author presents the garden design process in terms of three primary aesthetic considerations: 1 Scenic effects-reproductions of appealing natural landscape forms.  2 Sensory effects-varieties of scale, framing, rhythm, motion, and spatial quality.  3 Cultural effects-the incorporation of allusions to
Book Secrets of Bonsai - Miniature Trees Charles Harnett This book is filled with tips on care and maintenance for most species of bonsai.  It is an easy read and really covers the questions anyone might ask about watering, sunlight, fertilization, potting, re-potting and many, many other topics.  It also covers how to spot and buy a true bonsai and not what most people think are true bonsai. The author details the differences between the two.  Having a long history with bonsai, beginning with military service under a master in Japan, the author's experience.......
Book Shohin Bonsai Morten Albek Shohin bonsai cost less, take less time to develop, take less space, are easier to move, are less apt to be overwatered, and are a delight to behold. This thorough and beautiful exploration of the art of small bonsai is for experienced bonsai enthusiasts and daring beginners. If you already practice shohin, it will deepen your understanding. If you don't, now is the time to unlock the secrets of small trees.
Book  2 Copies Simon & Schuster's Guide to Bonsai Gianfranco Giorgo An informative introduction gives such useful details as plant physiology, the history and philosophy of bonsai, choice of plants, and special tools and products to use in bonsai. The individual entries that follow describe over 125 species to cultivate and offer visual symbols that indicate whether full sun or shade, plentiful or little watering, and indoor or outdoor settings are best for a particular species. Simon & Schuster's Guide to Bonsai is a fascinating and authoritative reference to this exotic ancient art.
Spirit of Bonsai Design - Combine the Power of Zen and Nature Chye Tan Aimed at enthusiasts of all levels, this unique and beautifully illustrated guide reveals how an understanding of Zen aesthetics can profoundly influence and improve your skills at shaping, displaying, and appreciating bonsais. All the key stages of creating an outstanding bonsai appear in detailed photos, with technical information, advice on care, and numerous examples.
TIMELESS TREES The U.S. National Bonsai Collection Peter L Bloomer and Mary Homes Bloomer Every aspect of this handsome book expresses a love for bonsai and an equal love for quality. The bonsai are from the U.S. National Bonsai Museum in Washington DC., one of the best bonsai collections outside of Japan. Peter Bloomer's photographs are the next best thing to seeing the trees in person, his knowledge and love of bonsai is evident throughout. Mary Bloomer's text and well chosen quotes from John Naka, Plato, Robert Frost and others, are timely and enjoyable. This one-of-a-kind treasure remains one of the best gallery  
Trees of the World  Dr. Mike Wilcox  Superbly photographed by prominent nature photographer Graeme Matthews, this book showcases trees from around the world: from the lush autumnal forests of New England and woodlands of Europe to the Superbly photographed by prominent nature photographer Graeme Matthews, this book showcases trees from around the world: from the lush autumnal forests of New England and woodlands of Europe to the Amazon rainforests; from the mountain pines and weeping willows of China to the baobabs of Africa and the banyans of Malaysia.  
Book Tropical Green Sheets II Martha Goff A Care Guide for the Tropical Bonsai Grower.  Tips and Tidbits picked up along the way . Full Color Photographs of Individual Species . A Tropical Gallery of finished bonsai from Florida and Puerto Rican Bonsai Artists . Appendices with articles covering  soils, pinching, critiquing, etc.
Book Vision of My Soul Robert Steven I am excited about this book because it comes at a time when many enthusiasts are looking for something beyond technique and horticulture. I believe that with this book we have the right teacher at the right time with the right message, presented in the right manner - From the preface by Andy Rutledge. When I pay attention to Robert's bonsai, my enjoyment increases and my trees start to move in ways that I like. Robert Steven is a masterful artist and his bonsai should be seen and enjoyed by as many people as possible. - From the back cover
DVD 2009 Carolina Bonsai Expo
Patrick LaNasa  Photo Tour of  North Carolina Arboretums Bonsai Gardens and - 14th Bonsai Expo Oct-2009  
DVD 2010 Carolina Bonsai Expo Lauralee Reugger Photo Tour of  North Carolina Arboretums Bonsai Gardens and - 15th Bonsai Expo Oct-2010
Video Art of Bonsai "Made Easy" Frank J. Mihalic Walk your way through the process of creating a Bonsai through simple to follow instructions and drawings.
CD Bonsai Gallery of Walter Pall Walter Pall Wonderful collection of  trees and photographs documenting the progression of many and highlighting the talents of Walter Pall as a Bonsai Artist and a photographer.  "Welcome to my gallery.  This is not a commercial gallery; it is about part of my private collection and some other stuff. The trees are not for sale in general. I don't style trees in order to sell them. This gallery contains almost 8,000 images. All images in this gallery are copyright by Walter Pall; all rights reserved."
DVD (two) Bonsai Styling Hajime Watanabe  
Video Bougainvillea Magic The Botanical Magic Series Whether you are a landscape professional or a gardening enthusiast, the BGI Bougainvillea Magic DVD is a must-have.  The DVD covers care and maintenance secrets to help you grow incredible blooming bougainvilleas and provides 10 topics, including bougainvillea basics, pruning techniques, planting and potting and propagation. 20 minutes long
CD Exhibit Critique - BSF 1996 Convention    
Video DVD Decandling: Japanese Black Pine Boon Manakitivipart  "Bonsai Boon" In this informative, two-part training DVD, Boon Manakitivipart demonstrates "decandling" to help bonsai artists understand the process—and advanced collectors refine their techniques.  The relatively new technique of decandling Japanese Black Pines was discovered in Japan about 40 years ago. It was founded on the principle that a black pine sends out new buds if the spring candles have been removed. The decandling is done in late spring, so these new buds have a shorter........
CD Displaying Bonsai Bonsai Presentations Features display arrangements for bonsai with an additional 35 pages of guidance notes and illustrations also in JPEG format.
Finding the Bonsai Within - Ponderosa Pine Wiring Techniques - Working with Difficult Trees Andrew Smith / Golden Arrow Bonsai

Every tree has a least one, if not many bonsai inside it. Finding and developing the bonsai in difficult trees—trees that are oddly shaped, too long or just plain ugly—is one of the most fun and challenging parts of the art of bonsai. Andrew Smith, owner of Golden Arrow Bonsai, demonstrates wiring techniques on ponderosa pine in this 98 minute video.  Andy uses three scrawny looking trees to demonstrate the incredible flexibility of ponderosa pine. He shows how wiring can be used to shape the most improbable looking tree into a fine bonsai.

Video  2 Copies Growing Art of Bonsai Arthur Skolinik Beautifully taped 58 minute instructional and educational video. New ideas for the newcomer, refreshing thoughts for the more advanced. The best bonsai video. "There are many bonsai video tapes, but I would say yours is the very best." - John Naka
DVD How to Collect Wild Trees Andy Smith Andy Smith, who is perhaps the leading collector of wild bonsai in North America, has provided a great service with this highly useful new CD. Collecting should be undertaken only if you know what you are doing, and helping you to learn exactly that is what this excellent CD is all about. Don't even think about digging up nature's bonsai without first heeding Andy's practical experience.
Japan Memoirs of a Secret Empire PBS Documentary

Brings to life the unknown story of a mysterious empire, its relationship with the west, and the forging of a nation that would emerge as one of the most important countries in the world.

DVD John Naka & His Bonsai (at his home) Bonsai Clubs International  
DVD (Set of Three) Kaizen Bonsai Graham Potter A collection of videos downloaded from You Tube showing both styling and carving techniques.
Magic of Ginko - Highlights from the 5th Award 2005 Bonsai Presentations Highlights from the phenomenal Ginko Awards Exhibition with demonstrations by various artists.
CD Mississippi Trees Mississippi Forestry Commission  
DVD  2 Copies Nature Reflected An Introduction to Bonsai Arthur Joura Bonsai Curator Arthur Joura guides you through a comprehensive look at the art of bonsai.  After viewing this series you will have a better understanding of this ancient art form that continues to fascinate so many people today.  Program One:  An Introduction to Bonsai,  Program Two:  Choosing Plants,  Program Three:  Shaping Bosai,  Program Four: Caring for Bonsai
Video Satsuki Azalea Yasuki Esaka Japanese Bonsai Documentary Video (45 Minutes)by NHK (Japan National Broadcasting Company). Satsuki Bonsai specialist,Yasuki Esaka introduces some techniques how to take care of Satsuki Bonsai beginner to expert.



and  (Copies on One Video Tape)

The Growing Art of Bonsai
Yasuki Esaka


Arthur Skolinik
Japanese Bonsai Documentary Video (45 Minutes)by NHK (Japan National Broadcasting Company). Satsuki Bonsai specialist,Yasuki Esaka introduces some techniques how to take care of Satsuki Bonsai beginner to expert

Beautifully taped 58 minute instructional and educational video. New ideas for the newcomer, refreshing thoughts for the more advanced. The best bonsai video.
CD Trunk Air Layering Patrick LaNasa PowerPoint presentation explaining the 'Saucer Method' of Air Layering the trunk of a tree as opposed to a branch.  
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